Through this link you can download a form for the children to fill in the answers.

Next you’ll find the route and questions for the walking treasure hunt.

Walking treasure hunt for young and old ‘Jesus in the Centre’

As a conclusion to the theme ‘Jesus in the centre’, we come across all kinds of themes in this walk that have recently been treated in the service and/or in the children’s work.

Different locations on the route are linked to a theme.

At each location is:

  • A – a question or assignment for the young children (group 1-4)
  • B – is for the older kids (group 5-8)
  • C – is a meditational question for adults

For the children: choose whether you are going to do the A questions, the B questions or both. There are also bonus questions that you can solve together. Send the answers and the name of the child with age to (one email per child) or drop the answers in the letterbox and have a chance to win a little prize.

The route description is in italics.

Startingpoint: Stadskerk de Verbinding

Start with your back to the main entrance of the church and turn left on Haaksbergerstraat.

  1. Location: Restaurant Zeytin

To the theme: Jesus as the Vine (Kid’s Service December 5)

Jesus says: I am the vine. We humans are the branches that grow on it. Fruits grow on our branches. But only if the branches remain on the vine. So if we stay with Jesus, we may grow

  1. What fruit is wine made from?
  2. Draw a vine
  3. Zeytin means olive. That is also a very common tree in the bible. What fruit in your life do you long for?

Continue until the traffic lights.

2. Location: International Hotel ITC

To the theme: Jesus in this world (December 12)

  1. What color is the wall above the hotel entrance?
  2. How many white stripes do you see in total on all black and white poles of the entire intersection?
  3. What is your prayer for this world?

Walk back towards the church and immediately take the cycle path on the right.

Bonus question I: At which number does the Hilgers family live?

Turn left into Nassaustraat.

Find the pedicurist Ellis Trinks across the road.

3. Location: Beauty salon and pedicure Ellis Trinks

With the theme: Jesus as a man (December 19)

Jesus was really human. He would also get dirty feet from walking outside in the sand. Mary once washed the feet of Jesus and made them smell nice by anointing the feet.

  1. Do you see something in a white circle on the sidewalk in front of the pedicure? Draw a copy.
  2. Add up the numbers of the pedicure’s phone number, as you can see it on the board. For example, if the number was 518379 then you have to do 5 + 1 + 8 + 3 + 7 + 9.
  3. Jesus himself washed the feet of his disciples. He came into the world as a servant. How would you like to be described by others?

Return to Emmastraat and turn left onto Emmastraat.

Bonus question II: When did Emmastraat become a paved road?

Stop at GP Vons with number 22 (across the street).

4. Location: General practitioner Vons

With the theme: Jesus cares (children’s theme October 31)

Jesus cares for us. Even if we are a little less nice and fun. He is always there and helps us up when we have fallen.

  1. What is depicted really big on the wall? (what does your child see in this?)
  2. In the story of Jesus, who stopped for the injured man after two other people left him?
  3. What can you give to others that can help them advance?

Continue on Emmastraat.

Stop on the other side of the Yoga School at the containers.

5. Location: Containers Emmastraat

Theme: Jesus as Savior (November 28)

  1. What can you dump here? (What can you put in here?)
  2. What do the letters gfe on one of the containers mean?
  3. “I will give you rest.” What does this statement of Jesus mean to you?

Jesus redeems us from our sins. We can leave all our ‘waste’ with him and we can always start clean.

On the side of the yoga school, walk a little further on Emmastraat.

6. Location: BSO Stadsweide

Theme: Jesus as a Friend (November 14)

Jesus is like a Friend to us. We can tell Him everything.

  1. What is your best friend’s name?
  2. Make as long a new word as possible with the letters from the word ‘Stadsweide’ by shuffling the letters.
  3. What makes a friendship valuable to you?

Continue on Emmastraat.

A+B. Which song about Jesus do you like? Sing it together as you walk along.

Turn left into Nieuwstraat.

Turn left into Mina Krusemanstraat.

At the next intersection, go left again.

7. Location: This road

Theme: Jesus, the way, the truth and the life (October 10)

  1. The street sign for this road is on a house. What number is on the house? Write down or copy the number.
  2. What is this road called? Or actually… this street?
  3. Where or when do you feel close to God?

Continue on this street.

Bonus question III: Along the way, stop at the yellow parking meters on this street. What numbers are on these meters?

8. Location: Koopman Personal Design

Theme: Jesus through the Holy Spirit (kid’s theme October 24)

  1. How many stars are there in total in the shopping windows of this store?
  2. When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit came like a dove. Why do you think the Lord God chose the dove to represent the Holy Spirit?
  3. What quality do you admire in others?

Turn right onto Haaksbergerstraat.

9. Location: Huisdiervoordeelshop

Theme: Jesus as the Good Shepherd (children’s theme October 17)

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He cares for us as the shepherd cares for his sheep.

  1. Which animals do you see in a row at the bottom of the large banner?
  2. In the bible there are many stories with animals. Mention two.
  3. What do neighbors mean to you?

Walk back along Haaksbergerstraat towards the church.

Bonus question IV: Along the way you will see quite a few shops and companies. Which one has to do with the word “connection” and why?

10. Location: Stadskerk de Verbinding

Theme: Jesus as Connector (November 21)

  1. Play 1 round of hide and seek at the church with the person you did the scavenger hunt with. You can choose whether you want to be the hider or the seeker.
  2. In the church building there are many windows with stained glass. Walk around the church and count all the stained glass windows. On the right we show how to count, so what counts as 1 window.
  3. What is your desire for the church? What would you like to ask God?

At home, you may want to read the verse from Psalm 52:10,11: “But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God, trusting in the love of God forever and ever. I will praise you forever for what you have done, I keep hoping in your name, which is good, in the circle of those who are dear to you.”

This is the end of the walking treasure hunt.